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Meet Nuela

This is Nuela. She is being raised by her single mother since her dad passed away when she was only 6 years old. Life has not been easy for both Nuela and her mum because her mum’s farm business is not stable enough to provide for her education and meals on a daily basis.  She is the eldest of 2 other siblings. Nuela is sponsored by TANF to ensure she can fulfill her dream of becoming a medical doctor, irrespective of her background

 Nuela’s mum sells Akpeteshi, a local alcohol, for the people in their small community. She manages to generate a small income to feed the family but sometimes she gets nothing to even feed their family. During Nuela’s free time, and after school, she assists her mum with the alcohol business, which is against our child protection policies.

 We would like to select her mum to be part of our microfinance project, where she can start a proper business to make reasonable income to support the whole family long term. For more information, visit our Microfinance project page

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