Meet Wiafe

Wiafe, 16,  is a young boy with a future ahead of him. Unfortunately, he lost his hand in fire. He spent one year in a hospital. His biggest dream is to attend school, but it became difficult as his attendance dropped due to incurable severe pain that he still suffers. His mother is a single mom, and had been struggling to upkeep farming due to difficult weather.

“When he was a baby, his mother left him in their room to do a few purchase at the neighborhood when he fell asleep. Few minute later his grandmother from a distance realize a smoke coming from the room.. Upon reaching there they realized the wrapped cloth catches fire, which burnt one of his hand”

We believe that Wiafe deserve to continue his education and asking to help him and his family to pursue the dream of his irrespective of the physical and financial challenges.  Education should not be a privilege.

Gladly, Wiafe is now in school and benefiting from all that he need due to the support we have had over the years.

Thanks to all donors and volunteers that have landed their helping hand, Wiafe is able to follow his dream.

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