The founder of TANF Ghana and learn about his story…and why he started TANF:

When I was just four years old, my parents’ marital issues erupted and they decided to divorce. Back then, I didn’t know how big of an impact will that have on me, my life and my education journey.

I myself, as many underprivileged kids in Ghana, had to drop out of school and I’ve not been given a chance to finish high school. But my situation didn’t discourage me from the inner urge inside me to learn and take my education into my own hands.

Aged 14 I got involved in various child labor activities, even living and sleeping in the streets of Accra, in order to survive and earn the needed money allowing me to return to school. Despite the fact primary education was my absolute priority, it was very hard, as most of the money I earned was spent on essentials as food.

Buying school materials, paying school fees and feeding myself wasn’t an easy task but I pushed through the struggle, without any support. When I saw and thought of all the other kids facing a similar situation as myself. Or moreover, the orphan kids having absolutely nobody to turn to for help.

As I believe the first person to lift you up when you fall is the one that knows how it feels to fall I have used my life savings to sponsor 5 local Ghanaian kids to education in private school.

Driven my motto: “Hope has not yet ended” TANF Ghana was born in 2012, with the ultimate goal of giving hope (and much more) to children who are going through similar or more difficult challenges as myself.