Every child deserves an equal right to education

Every child deserves an equal right to education

At Tanf, we believe that every child is important and deserves an equal opportunity to education. As such we make try our possible best to make sure that no child is left out. Regardless of their situation, we ensure they get the right resource to pursue a quality education.

This is the story of Basira, a bright young girl who has the hope to be educated but had to drop out of school due to the lack of family supports.

With the help of wonderful donors like you, we have been able to enroll her back to school.  She is currently enjoying her education life in school. The impact of your generous donations has enabled her increased her attendance and academic performance.

Now, she has high hopes in achieving her dream of becoming a medical Doctor in the future.

We still count on you to enroll more children on our waiting list with similar challenges, No amount is too small – Donate now!

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