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Every child deserves an equal right to education

At Tanf, we believe that every child is important and deserves an equal opportunity to education. As such we make try our possible best to make sure that no child is left out. Regardless of their situation, we ensure they get the right resource to pursue a quality education. This is the story of Basira, a bright young girl…

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TANF Christmas Party for all-2016

On 23rd December 2016 TANF Ghana held its annual Christmas party for children within our community. Many of the children who attended may not have celebrated Christmas at all this year. In total 75 children attended. These are all children who live in the neighbourhood of Teiman-Oyarifa, which is where TANF’s office is based. The event was held at…

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TANF Self-Esteem workshop-2016

Our self-esteem workshop which was designed and delivered by our UK volunteer Melinda Nyoko proved successful with the children at FIDIF School Complex as well as the teachers. Her reason for implementing this workshop with the school was because she believed young people will only believe in their dreams if they believe in themselves. Being a writer and a…

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