TANF helps support local community centre

TANF helps support local community centre

Hello everyone!

TANF aims to support its local community in Ghana in many different ways, as well as laying the foundations for its child rescue project.

Today, local health workers were given a two-roomed building in which they could use to perform small medical procedures. Before being given this building, the community was in a desperate position, having to travel many miles to reach a basic clinic or hospital. This building will be of great importance to everyone, not just those that TANF works with. TANF really does try to reach out to as many people as it can. The building will enable health workers to provide immunizations, take a person’s blood-pressure and general check-ups. One of the two rooms will also be used to provide counselling to all members of the community.Previously used as a computer repair shop, the building was filled with a lot of rubbish and dirt. Being next to a road also meant that the building was covered with the thick, red dust that is all over Ghana. Members of the community and two TANF workers, including Rev. Laud and a volunteer, Josie Gallop, (UK) came together to help clear out the building; disposing of rubbish and taking away furniture. There was then the long task of cleaning the building inside from all of the dust; brushing the walls, windows and floors, followed by scrubbing the floors with soap and water.

However, despite being kindly given this building, it is still in great need of help. The building needs to be redecorated as it looks very run-down. A bucket of paint costs 40 Ghana Cedis ( 13 British Pounds, 20 US Dollars, 16 Euros) and the building will need roughly 4 buckets. The health workers, Gloria and Matilda also lack basic equipment, such as a stethoscope  and a blood-pressure meter. 

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