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Women Empowerment talk on how to start a successful business (2014)

10509761_459511117525197_8940688849186693044_nFirstly, we educated them on the importance of education, why they need to be educated, how they can better their lives from education, who they are and what options they have in life. During this process we began to understand how tough it really is for these ladies to fight for their rights and be what they dream to be, because on a day to day basis they are faced with many problems like, no savings, no investments, not enough resources. We had a superb guest come in to talk to our women about business skills and strategies.


Harry started to explain how to start a successful business, giving out pointers, teaching marketing strategies, the 10440673_459511120858530_1802350054117612190_nimportance of research, costing ideas, skills and talent, basically a whole outlook on how they can turn a vision into profit. After the first talk with Harry, we then moved on to more detail on niches that may affect their business idea. How to make their idea stand out, be heard and make money. The women were intrigued and took in a lot of the information by taking notes and asking many questions. They now have an overall idea of the responsibilities and what it takes to make a small idea become a money making business


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