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Women Empowerment talk on Cholera (2014)

To round off the week the volunteers held a ‘Women Empowerment’ talk on Sunday, the aim was to communicate how important the relationship between a mother and daughter is in helping to reduce things like teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and illness. We also discussed how in the home countries of the volunteers, Germany, Austria and England, it is normal for women to earn their own salary and be able to financially support themselves without relying on a man for food and shelter.

We hope that this inspires some of the women in the community to think of new ways for them to make money so they can better support themselves and their families. The talk was well received and the women in the community were keen to have future talks on things such as malaria prevention, birth control and the menopause. The talk concluded with an educational talk on the growing problem of Cholera in Ghana from a representative from the local Health Centre. She was able to explain how the illness is spread, the signs and symptoms as well as advise the women on how to prevent it. She was also able to answer all the questions the women had about how best to avoid Cholera during food preparation.


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