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Who We Are

Laud Akuffo - TANF Ghana

Rev. Laud Kwaku Akuffo

The founder and visionary behind TANF Ghana. Based in Accra, Laud is the driver of TANF Ghana's mission to represent the voice of the underprivileged children in Ghana.

Philip Matthews - TANF Ghana

Philip Matthews

Based in the UK, Phillip is part of the core strategy team, leading the school building project and contributing with his expertise in graphic design.

Katerina Klezlova - TANF Ghana

Katerina Klezlova

Based in Switzerland, Katerina is part of the core strategy team, managing the business development plan whilst guiding the fundraising and child sponsorship projects.

Yahya Elharony - TANF Ghana

Yahya Elharony

Based in Egypt, Yahya is a web developer and IT expert responsible for the on-going maintenance of TANF Ghana's website.

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