• P.O.BOX CT 9853 Cantonment. Accra. Ghana
  • +233 24 424 6094


My stay with TANF Ghana was an unforgettable experience. Laud cares so much. He tried to make my stay most comfortable even though he is really busy. I lived at his place with his nice family. If Laud wasn’t at home, there was always somebody who prepared food for me and checked if everything is fine. He is surrounded by only nice people. Rashida, one of Laud’s co-worker, did a good job showing me around Accra and spending time with me at and after school. One weekend Laud had time to do a really nice trip with Mai, another volunteer, and me and we had a lot of fun. In my second week I was at the hospital two hours from Accra. Therefore, I had to move to a different house. Laud prepared me well for my stay there.

More important, he is so passionate about his project, his volunteers and works so hard for it to improve and help more children. I can highly recommend experiencing volunteer work with TANF Ghana! Thanks Laud, thanks Rashida, thanks Ema, thanks Justice, thanks Godwin. I will miss you all!”

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