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Mawulorm Vuvor

GREAT WORK DONE Reverend Laud!

Children and the aged are often left in need, there are many ways to give back to benefit them. Nothing makes a bigger difference and the impact on children and the aged are often more profound when given quality time and attention. Whoever you are, you can help in your own way to by providing children and the aged in the community with good health, teaching materials and food to eat. This will in the long run help raise responsible and healthy children. You can also donate money if that’s the best or only way you can assist Laud to help these children. Fundraising is a vital way for TANF Ghana to raise community moral and build relationships within the community. Money will give much needed support to a variety of programs. If you can donate your time, that’s even better. Spend time with the children, watch them, help them, or teach them. So long as their health is a concern, I will always be around to help!

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