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TANF Provides Necessities for Health Centre 17/05/13

Hello everybody!

Today (17th April, 2013) was a very exciting day, as TANF was able to provide the new community health centre with much needed items to further its completion.

TANF gave a total of 4 buckets of paint, for both the inside and the outside of the health centre, as well as two large bundles of net, to line all the windows to prevent mosquitoes. 2 large paintbrushes were also bought, along with 5 lightbulbs that had also been removed – previously, the health centre really did have nothing, so was impossible to use.

This was such a wonderful moment for TANF to be able to provide the community nurses with things they so desperately need to ensure better healthcare for Teiman.

So, TANF thanks each and every one of its supporters…this is evidence that your money really can make a difference.

However, the nurses still need help! In addition to this, the nurses require a ceiling fan, more tables and chairs, stethoscope, folders and files and carpets. If you can help the nurses complete their new building…donate now!



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