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Helping us to prevent family and ourselves from Ebola in Ghana, West Africa. What is Ebola? The Ebola virus is a serious and deadly disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, being transmitted through animals and humans. Scientists initially detected Ebola in 1976 in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Researchers named the disease after the Ebola River that flows in the Congo. What is the current history of Ebola? Although the Ebola virus has been present for more than 35 years, an outbreak occurred in March 2014 that began in West Africa. It killed a 2 year old boy who ate bush meat.

This outbreak has proven more deadly, severe, and widespread than previous outbreaks. What are the symptoms? Ebola symptom can take over 3 weeks to appear, disease symptoms include: Fever, diarrhea, headache, muscle pain, stomach pain, unexplained bleeding or bruising and vomiting.

We advise you to seek immediate medical care if you have any of the above symptoms. How does it spread? Ebola can be spread through fruits, gorillas, monkeys, and forest antelopes. Once Ebola affects people they can transmit it to others if people come in contact with there: saliva, semen, sweat urine and vomit. Ebola spreads through… Sweats, Fruits, infected medical equipment, affected dead person, having sex with an effected person without protection, An infected person who has been wounded, an infected person urine, shaking the hand of an infected person.

How to prevent the risk of Ebola… Do’s of Ebola: 1. Washing hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 2. When cooking food, make sure it’s covered and on boil for a long period of time 3. Seek medical assistance if any symptoms of Ebola occur 4. Avoid contact with blood or any body fluids Dont’s of Ebola: 1.Refrain from engaging in burial rituals that involve handling the body of a person affected by Ebola. 2. Do not play with monkeys 4. Do not eat Bush meat 5. Do not eat food that is sourced from bats. Below is a link to support our Ebola Alert campaign in Ghana, many thank to you all in advance.


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