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TANF issues Health Insurance 20/07/13

This is huge news, HUGE! For a place like Africa, this is what people dream about. Having Health Insurance. It is with a heart filled with joy that we announce the children who have been sponsored through TANF to attend Wisdom Academy also now have Health Insurance. This has been made possible with the donations people have entrusted TANF with. This piece of plastic that these children hold in their hands entitles them to see a doctor when they are sick. That card they are proudly showing off allows them to have an operation if they need one. That card you see, will give them medication when they are sick. Thank you just doesn’t sound right for the enormous basic human right you have given them! In a place like Africa, what they hold in their hands is something that we will never understand the meaning or value of.

Once upon a very short time ago, these children would have never had access to such a privilege. If they were hurt or bleeding or needed an operation they would have had to pay money to have a doctor see them, money their families don’t have. And without money, a doctor just won’t see you regardless of your condition. Now these children, when they have a cold, when they get cholera, when they get an infection, they present the pharmacist this card and just like that, they will get the medication they need.

How good are we when we all work together to make a difference? The generosity of people opening up their hearts and wallets is making an enormous difference to the little lives here in Ghana. Saying thank you to you just doesn’t seem to be enough. But for the lack of better words, thank you, thank you so very much! click for more pictures


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