Summer School Netball Training and Malaria Talk

Every year Fidif school organises a summer school programme. After our successful 2014 summer school. TANF Ghana decided to partnered with Fidif school to make this programme a greater success then it had been in previous years. A total of 35 students participated this year. We were able to support the school by placing 2 of our volunteers there for the summer programme. These two volunteers from the UK and USA helped to teach Maths, Science and English. Furthermore, the volunteers spent some fun time with the students. They donated Netball equipment and organised Netball training for the students attending the summer school.

As one of our missions is to make sure our community is not only well educated, but also healthy, we added a health talk to the summer school programme. Our founder, Rev.Laud, and one of the volunteers, Shane who studies public health, held a health talk on malaria. The malaria talk was held to all students attending the programme. The students were presented with the main causes of malaria, symptoms and ways to avoid getting it. It is very important to us that the young generations of Ghanaian become key to ending malaria. In 2015 there were roughly 214 million reported malaria cases, and Sub-Saharan Africa is home to about 90% of those causes. We want to do all we can to reduce this number in the next years. click here for more pictures 

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