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Katerina Klezlova

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Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Katerina is part of the core strategy team, managing the business development plan, leading TANF’s fundraising and child sponsorship projects. Leveraging her experience across the areas of business development, marketing, sales, and project management, Katerina supports TANF in identifying sustainable, smart and speedy business growth strategies.

Katerina’s goal with TANF is to create a strong network of strategic partners for TANF, connecting individuals, companies and other NGO with the variety of TANF projects, exponentially increasing the number of TANF volunteers, sponsors and ambassadors globally.

Katerina joined TANF for two key reasons: First, as she wanted to get involved with a local grass-roots charity where one can get truly hands-on and see visible and tangible impact of one’s work. And second, as the cause of helping underprivileged kids to get access to not only education but also healthcare and hope, was very close to her heart.