Yahya Elharony
  • Email: yahya@tanfghana.org

  • Address: Cairo, Egypt

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Yahya Elharony

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to help children on-site in Ghana, that’s why I’ve made a decision to become an Online Volunteer with TANF Ghana!

Hey!!! It’s me, Yahya Elharony; A Frontend Technical Lead & Web Development Mentor who pursues Volunteering Work since 2014. Yahya joined TANF Ghana in February 2017, and he is responsible for all TANF’s website work.

I admin. Helping others is #1 reason of my today’s success, and volunteering with TANF Ghana as been one of the turning points in my personal and professional life. I highly encourage YOU to start devoting a chunk of your time to help OTHERS. Not only you’ll get a chance to practice your knowledge by supporting a real-life business and highlight this experience in your CV, you’ll also enrich your network with great people.

Interested to be be part of us? Apply as an Online Volunteer today!