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Rashida M. Pangabu

Rashida has always loved to volunteer and her quest to give back to her community led her to Tanf Ghana. Having the opportunity of meeting diverse people from different parts of the world through volunteering and collaborating on various projects, she was inspired by the massive cultural diversity and innovative solutions that could be applied back in her home country to solve many problems faced by her community.
Her curiosity to learn about the different approaches in trying to solve sustainable business issues and contribute to establishing innovative solutions motivates her to collaborate with Tanf Ghana. Rashida is goal oriented, hardworking, has good leadership skills and creative in her approach to issues. She is also a big advocate of empowering women has worked with Tanf Ghana on various projects to support girl child education, female reproductive health and small scale businesses owned by women.
In her quest to learn more and contribute her knowledge, she continues to engage with her community to keep on offering solutions to the various problems that arises. She is always willing the to work in various fields that lie in her area of interest, embraces her flaws and is willing to improve upon herself to continue giving back to her community.