Laud Akuffo
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  • Address: Accra, Ghana

  • Phone: +233 244 246 094

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Laud Kwaku Akuffo

Laud founded TANF in 2012 after he noticed a lack of educational and health opportunities for the poorest in his community. He had previously been involved with other charitable organizations and seen the benefits of creating a project that can bring positive change, especially through the support of volunteers. Since its inception, Laud has been the driver and visionary behind the projects we run.

He has been key at creating contacts in the communities we work in and rally volunteers and team members to believe in what TANF is doing. He has also led on the key fundraising and sustainability aspects of the project.

Laud is in charge of volunteer placements, fundraising, project strategy and planning, administration and financial work that lies behind what TANF does. There would be no TANF without Laud and his hardworking attitude and passion.