Free summer school

“Learn, Play and Make Friends” is a Holiday School project started by TANF. It has been running for a week (starting August 11th) and so far has been extremely successful. The project brings together the children from 4 communities in the Central Region of Ghana who are currently on their summer school holidays. These communities are Gomoa Aboso, Gomoa Benso, Gomoa Akroful, and Gomoa Akropong. The original target was to reach around a hundred children, but we have far exceeded our target and are educating 485 children from 10 different schools!

Throughout the week TANF, with the help from our hardworking and dedicated volunteers, have been teaching the children Science, English, Maths, ICT and Physical Education. The programme runs from 8:30-12:00 each day. Lessons are held in the first two hours of the day. Thereafter, the children play and do fun activities organised by the volunteers. As well as this, we have provided the students with learning materials such as books and pencils.
Gomoa Aboso Primary B School kindly let us use their facilities for free to hold these holiday activities for the children. Normally the children would have to pay to attend extra classes, so they and their parents have been thrilled that TANF has been able to organise it for them for free! We have also got some local teachers involved, who we pay a small salary for the help they are providing.


We have one more week to go this summer and hope it will be just as fun for the kids as it has been so far!
This has been possible through your kind donations to TANF over the last few months and due to the support of our very generous volunteers! So we wish to Thank You all! Our aim is to hold another holiday school over Christmas and our target is to reach 1500 children. We will be using two schools to hold the event. Your continuous support will be of great value as we fundraise for our coming Holiday Classes. click for more pictures 

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