Covid -19 Prevention Relief Fund

Covid -19 Prevention Relief Fund

How are you spending quarantine during this coronavirus pandemic? If you’re like most of us in the western world, you’re in a house with a couple of bedrooms, a pantry and a refrigerator stocked with food, watching some Netflix, and Zooming your loved ones. If you’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones, you’re working from home, earning a steady income. Others are relying on savings, looking for other work, or relying on unemployment benefits. Life is uncertain and complicated.

For many families in Ghana, their already complicated life became even more complicated during this pandemic. Accra, Ghana went on lockdown at the beginning of April, for a minimum of 2 weeks. While their lives are on hold, their needs are not.

Many families in Ghana rely on roadside sales for their daily income. Without this source of income, families go to bed hungry and in despair, not knowing where their next meal will come from. There is no pantry or refrigerator full of food, no grocery store down the road. There is no government assistance, no savings, no other work. They have only themselves, and with their source of income cut off, starvation becomes a real threat. Other needs go unmet, like soap, water, and sanitary pads. With a highly contagious virus spreading around the globe, basic hygiene supplies become essential.

At TANF, we understand how vital it is to meet physical needs, and that is why we have launched our COVID-19 Relief Fund. This relief fund allows TANF Ghana to provide families with essentials like food, water, soap, and sanitary pads. We are also educating families about the coronavirus and COVID-19, and teaching proper hand washing techniques. During this uncertain time, families are given hope when they have help meeting their needs. However, the mission has only just begun. It is imperative that we can continue continue to provide relief for families during this lockdown through our COVID-19 Relief Fund. A $25 donation is enough to support a family for at-least 2 weeks. 100 families in need will be supported during the lockdown through our fund. Please consider a donation to our COVID-19 relief fund today, and help provide suffering families with food, water, essential supplies, and hope during this pandemic.


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