Comfort is excited to be going back to school

Comfort is excited to be going back to school

This is Comfort, she is 15 yrs old and in JHS 1. She has been out of school for the past one& half years due to financial challenge her single mother is facing at the moment. Her father is nowhere to found and nobody knows why her father is not taking responsibility for her education. In the next two years, she will be done with JHS and hopefully proceed to senior high school, if she can get the necessary support to be in school.

She has two siblings who also dropped out of school during the same period as her. Which means they also have not been to school for the past year and a half until we came to their aid and supported the family in anyway we could.

Comfort favorite subject is science and she has the dream of becoming a medical nurse in the future to serve our nation. However, we are seriously worried that Comforts may end up with an early teenage pregnancy or a child marriage since this is very common in her community and this would hinder her from achieving her dreams.

She also loves reading, but being home for so long has really affected her reading and communication skills. For this reason, Comfort is pleading with us to bring her back to school, where she can meet her friends and proceed with her education to achieve her dream in the future.

Comfort and one of her siblings were able to receive their learning material to start school in the next couples of days. TANF also managed to pay her tuition fees, exams fees, P.T.A dues etc to keep her and her brother in school for the next 3-4 months.

However, in order to find a sustainable solution, we are urgently looking for a child sponsor for these two children. Becoming a child sponsor with us means you are giving these children hope and strength to believe in themselves and never give up in anyway. Interested people should message us at for more details on our child sponsorship package

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