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The Anidaso Nsae Foundation believes that education is key to the economic and spiritual growth of Ghana and knowledge is an essential tool in the fight against poverty.

TANF Ghana facilitates workshops which examines societal challenges faced by communities today which encompass the areas of:

Sexual Education

Women’s Health & Hygiene

HIV & AIDS awareness

Livelihood Management.

Through partnerships with organisations and health professionals, TANF Ghana endeavours to hold annual workshops addressing these key concerns of Ghanaian society in regions where these issues are most commonly encountered. The lack of economic opportunities, the poor accessibility to health services, the limited resources in far flung areas of Ghana, as well as the general lack of awareness to these issues are some of the root problems facing Ghana today.  By bringing light to various social stigmas and openly talking about issues with community members in a safe environment, we hope to elicit change that will bring positive impact to the lives of those living under the poverty line. 

TANF sponsored workshops are held either at community centers, schools or at the offices of TANF Ghana, depending on the number of participants attending. Invited guest speakers will give presentations followed by group activities which all attendees will take part in. Participants will be presented scenarios for which they must consider and report their evaluations back to the group, before a final review session will take place to cover all the topics discussed in the workshop.