TANF Ghana NGO Photographers Alliance

The NGO Photographers Alliance joins the The Anidaso Nsae Foundation (TANF) Ghana in the implementation of a project that assists girls and women by providing skills training, transport subsidies and tools necessary for the launch of  their own micro-businesses with the long-term objective of helping these women become economically self-sufficient.

The Challenge

Poverty as a socio-economic challenge facing developing nations on the African continent is a multifaceted problem, stemming from a combination of historical wrongdoings, current mismanagement and poor decision-making.

Faced as a challenge utilising a singular approach, the task becomes impossible – it would be akin to taking buckets of water from the ocean and throwing it onto the sand. Therefore, a multi pronged approach must be taken in facing the immense task of fighting poverty – both within an organisation and between organisations.

The Anidaso MicroFinancing Program

15 women living in conditions of abject poverty from the rural region of Greater Accra and the Eastern Region will be beneficiaries of this program. They will be assisted through a money management program, skills training relating to their field of interest, transport subsidies as well as equipment & tools necessary for the start up and maintenance of their individual micro-businesses.

The goal is the long term stability and viability of these businesses in order for the women to gain economic self-sufficiency and put their children through school.

The Impact

Each community will thrive to a greater extent if its members are empowered and has access to education and work opportunities which contribute to the long-term economic development of the community. Through access to a stable working environment and by extension, accessibility to education for their children, in the long term we hope to see fewer teenage mothers, more independent women and the eradication of child labour and underage marriages.