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At TANF Ghana, we believe that every community must be healthy order to achieve prosperity. In working towards this goal, TANF Ghana provides free health insurance and access to medical care as well as organizing community health events that focus on the prevention of the major diseases and illnesses impacting people in Ghana today.

Health Insurance For Every Sponsored Child

In identifying the children in need of support, we provide them education sponsorship in tandem with healthcare sponsorship. Good health is vital in ensuring that children can attend school while their parents are away at work. We believe that a child can only concentrate and learn if they are healthy. Therefore, each child sponsored with TANF Ghana receives 1 year medical insurance as part of the USD 360 annual cost that goes towards sponsoring each child.

Community Health Screenings

TANF Ghana facilitates a free medical screening in rural communities, which often lacks health facilities, and provides community members access to medical supplies, a health check up for the most common ailments such as HIV, malaria and high blood pressure, as well as access to educational materials. These health screenings take place every six months and we also take the opportunity to distribute free mosquito nets and educate the communities in their most effective use at these screenings.

We partner and cooperate with medical centers and also run our own volunteer, sponsor and ambassador programs in order to increase our capacity & outreach. 

We hope that with our health-screening events, we will increase awareness in communities on the importance of good health, share information on disease prevention, promote good nutrition and help those suffering form illnesses improve their condition and quality of life.

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