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School fees, long commutes, unaffordable school material and school uniforms are some of the main barriers preventing underprivileged Ghanaian children from going to school. In addition to this is the major issue of child labour where parents living in poverty rely on their children to help out, often on small plots of land where they grow food, or through selling goods by the side of the road.

TANF Ghana aims to address these barriers keeping Ghanaian children out of school through Project Zeus – the construction of TANF Ghana’s first school. The objective is for TANF Ghana to run and operate their own school whilst greatly expanding the schooling capacity, accommodating 400 children every year and providing them with free tuition, access to modern learning materials, free school transport, extracurricular activities and workshops. Moreover, a TANF school will eliminate the practice of corporal punishment and will open its doors to both underprivileged and privileged children, promoting equal treatment, a safe environment and opportunity to all.

Once the first school is in operation it will be completely self-sustaining, being the first of four TANF Ghana-built schools in Accra before we continue our work in the remaining 9 regions of Ghana as we aspire to scale our success and transform the education system in the whole country. We believe that in the long run, the long-term impact will be enormous.

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