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3rd Parent and Child Review day with TANF 15/06/13

TANF held their 3rd Parent and Child Review Day. TANF has these meetings with the staff, volunteers and parents.Attending the talk today was Executive Director Rev. Laud Akuffo, along with two volunteers (Camille pourret, France and Jana Freund, Germany) who are helping TANF try to attain support to rescue more children. This meeting is an opportunity to help the child’s family and the child understand the benefits of TANF.


The Parents will be able to express their concerns and how they would like TANF’s assistance in that area. TANF also stresses the importance of education for the child and highlights how they can also help better their child’s educational future by teaching them to do chores at home such as cleaning, washing, etc. TANF can teach them the skills they need to succeed but the parents must play a role in their child’s education as well.

The opportunity was given for each person to ask as many questions as they can in order for TANF’s staff and Volunteers to know how to best meet their needs and offer support to them. They are assured that the doors of communication are always open if they have a request or a need. They can always reach Rev. Laud or any other staff member with their thoughts or concerns. The overall event proved to be very productive. We look forward to working with the parents on how they can increase the knowledge of their child and even their own knowledge that will bring them out of their current situations and into a more productive one. Thank you for your continued support!


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