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First health screening in 2018

Malaria is responsible for the death of many children and adults in Ghana. Many Ghanaians do not regard it as a serious disease leaving them more exposed to a higher chance of being infected.  Tanf Ghana had its first health screening this year and the screening was focused on malaria. The screening was organized with the help of some volunteers and…

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Every child deserves an equal right to education

At Tanf, we believe that every child is important and deserves an equal opportunity to education. As such we make try our possible best to make sure that no child is left out. Regardless of their situation, we ensure they get the right resource to pursue a quality education. This is the story of Basira, a bright young girl…

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Comfort is excited to be going back to school

This is Comfort, she is 15 yrs old and in JHS 1. She has been out of school for the past one& half years due to financial challenge her single mother is facing at the moment. Her father is nowhere to found and nobody knows why her father is not taking responsibility for her education. In the next two…

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