Introducing our TANF child of the week

Benedicta receiving her learning materials

We are really excited to introduce Benedicta Otu as our first child of the week. She is a bright 9 year old currently in class 3 at Fidif school complex.


Benedicta lost her dad at the age of 7 after two years of battling and losing to a heart disease. During the years her dad was struggling with the disease, her mom had to invest all resources available to treat him. Her dad died leaving her with her mom and other two brothers. Because of this, Benedicta and her two other brothers had to drop out of school and help their mom make a living.

Benedicta receives her learning tools for the first time after one & half years school out.


When we heard of Benedicta and her brothers, we decided to lend them a helping hand. Currently, Benedicta and her brothers are back in school enjoying the benefits of the education from Tanf. Benedicta is receiving a fully paid tuition scholarship including examination fees and extra tutoring fees, free school uniforms, fully paid transportation and meals and a valid health insurance benefit.

Holding her health insurance that valid for 5 years and yearly renewal


Benedicta aspires to become a medical doctor and support patients who may not be able to afford medical bills due to financial disability. Because we share her dream, we will support her and provide her with the necessary resources to achieve it. You can also join us by giving us your support to enable us to touch and change the lives of other young children like Benedicta. You can donate on our website by either choosing a one-time donation or a monthly donation with a minimum of $10.


Smiling in class with her friends

If you are also interested in becoming a prime sponsor, you can send us a mail at [email protected] for a child sponsorship package. Help us touch more lives!