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1Catherine Pollock, Education volunteer from USA
I had researched many volunteer programs in Ghana before I decided on this one. It gives volunteers the opportunity to teach any of the subjects taught in its partner schools, so I was able to teach ICT and math, both of which I am very interested in. I loved teaching ICT because most of the students have never used a computer, so they were very excited when they were able to demonstrate their new skills on mine! I also taught English and helped the school and organization with various administrative and technical items. I love that I was able to help wherever I saw a need, such as with the website, volunteer handbook, and drafting of documents for the organization. Other volunteers have also developed projects where needs have existed, such as health related workshops and seminars.
This is a small NGO that has a BIG impact on its community. The staff provides sponsorship to extremely needy or orphaned students for school and healthcare, and partners with various schools to place volunteers. They have plans to open a school, which is currently in the planning stage. Once the school is opened I am sure that the organization will have an even bigger impact on the community. They also pair volunteers with local hospitals and clinics for those interested in healthcare.
I stayed in a homestay during my time, which was so wonderful! The family that hosted me will always hold a special place in my heart. The staff and family were always very accommodating to my needs. Additionally, staff and my host family were always very helpful when I planned my weekend travels. They are very knowledgeable locals that gave me better advice than I could've gotten from a guidebook or the internet. Occasionally, they were even able to provide part of the transportation for my weekend travels.
I also liked that they let volunteers pick their start and end dates. This worked well for me since I came right after Christmas and left right before my school semester began. I was able to experience a Ghanaian New Year’s, which was amazing!  Since the organization is quite small, they are extremely flexible and willing to accommodate various needs or ideas. I would especially recommend this program to volunteers looking for a program they can make a large impact in or those who have a specific vision or interest! Volunteers can help wherever they see a need, so the opportunities to help are endless. The low-cost was another factor in my decision. The cost is so minimal compared to other organizations I researched, and I felt as if it was worth every penny, which was used for my housing, food, and transportation
2Jonas, Healthcare worker from Denmark
My volunteer trip to Ghana was the most life changing thing I have ever done. I grew as a person and as a professionel. I was in the health care program and worked in a small clinic in the fisher village, Senya Beraku. I did injections, vitals and helped in cleaning wounds. Furthermore, I participated in some medical outreaches where a lot of children and infants were tested for malaria and treated if needed. My experience with the health care program was mindblowing and definitely a life changing experience. I learned a lot about myself, the culture and so on. The people in the program, both Laud and Seth (the man who is responsible for the volunteers in Senya Beraku) were absolute helpful during the adventure and some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I worked along some nice people from around the world. This experience will definitely gives you strengh as a person, and as a professionel in the health care system. You will face defficulties and may experience less nice things along the way. The journey itself require courage. So when you decide to take the step into another world and go work as a volunteer, TANF is a great way through this. Laud is working so hard to keep his organisation going so that a lot of children can have a descent living. I admire him very much. So what i'm trying to say is that; Go volunteer and go with TANF. It will not dissapoint you!
3Katja Honinger, Education volunteer from Austria
My stay there was one of my best experiences so far. The people, especially the kids, are amazing. Although I have been there for only 16 days – they captured my heart somehow. Laud, the founder of the organization, is an impressive guy. He really lives for the organization and one can notice his passion and enthusiasm for what he does. When I saw what he does and how much the people and the kids of the community value Laud, I knew that my decision to volunteer there was the right one. I had the possibility to volunteer during the free vacation classes and I taught for example English, Mathematics and Colours. I also got to know the Women Empowerment Program of the organization, where I had the chance to speak to the women of the local community. Moreover we visited an orphanage supported by the organization, where we made donations. Unfortunately, I only could experience the first official school day, because this was my last day in Ghana. I really had a hard time to leave. After this short time, I already felt home there somehow – because the people around me did contribute all that I felt so. Of course, Ghana is different, in so many things. So if you go there, you should go there with an open mind. If you consider that you will have an amazing time and learn a lot, not only about the country and its people but also about yourself.
4Jansa Vu Educational volunteer from Sweden
This wonderful experience left much more impact than I could ever imagine. It might have been a short period of time but definitely vivid. I hope my contribution gave the project something lasting as it gave me 1) wider perspective of culture and life 2) being a part of something important 3) somehow shaped myself to the better. Rev. Laud is an exemplary host who owns a good heart. He's what I define as a giver, where he gives without expecting anything in return. He also never hesitate to help out and make the most of a volunteer's trip. I admire his idea, work and efforts to improve. I will forever be thankful towards him, for have giving me this opportunity to feel and see Ghana in the way I did. I wish the project to grow and that more people will get inspired by souls as Rev. Laud. Thanks to all involved. You deserve the best in life.
5Jason and christabel, educational volunteers from Singapore
img_2379Our two weeks in Ghana has gone by faster than we have imagined. Looking back, despite stressful moments that included delayed flights and missing baggage, the trip has been an incredibly eye-opening experience. A big part of our learning experience came from living with a local host family, who treated us as part of their own big family. From conversations about Ghanaian food, education, government and religion, their open sharing has added to our understandings of life in Ghana. One memory we will always cherish is helping the family prepare cacao ice cream for sale in school the next day. We might have taken longer than they normally would to prepare the ice cream, not to mention the huge mess we made, leaving trails of cacao milk on the floor, but there was certainly a lot of laughter involved. We were also incredibly touched by their generosity, as both of us were presented with specially tailored African-style clothes for Christmas. We are sure that our outfits will be the source of much curiosity and excitement when we wear it proudly back at home as we share our Ghanaian experience with our family and friends.
Our short volunteering stint also saw us helping out at Teiman Wisdom Academy. Our involvement with the school came at a time where term was drawing to an end and the students were almost done with their term examinations, which might explain the restlessness and the boundless energy of the incredibly excitable and adorable students that we interacted with. Or perhaps such is schooling life at Wisdom Academy, buzzing with much joy, dancing and activity, with students being obviously enthused by learning. The main class we took was Class 5, and we shared with them stories about Singapore, teaching them about our national flag while img_2361they taught us about Ghana’s. It is an indescribable feeling for the onlooker, hearing a group of 10 to 12 year-olds singing their national anthem with so much pride and gusto. We were also impressed by the students’ self-directed learning, from their mutual story-telling sessions, to the way they examined and discussed every inch of the World Map we brought to class. We also helped out in the organization first free Christmas event on Christmas Eve, with the children turning up in such overwhelming numbers and partaking enthusiastically in a chaotic but hilarious Three-Legged Race.
The humbling thing about volunteering is the realization that in our insignificant acts of giving, we had actually received and learnt so much more from the people we have met. We were touched by the generosity and friendliness of the people at the foundation, the host family, the teachers and students. They have taught us to cherish the little things that are lost in the hustle and bustle of the huge cities we have lived in, and everywhere we looked, we see people living their lives with fortitude, kindness and faith.
6Samahr, educational volunteer from Belgium
sam-1I have had the most amazing, unforgettable experience volunteering here. I have been so warmly received in all the aspects of my stay in Ghana, from being welcomed at the airport, to meeting my host family, to being welcomed by the community and the children at the school. I would highly recommend this project to anyone, as it is rewarding being involved in such a fulfilling mission and volunteering for Rev. Laud who is so passionate about the future of the children.
During the week I volunteered at the local school and during weekends I was free to explore Ghana’s beautiful landscapes. Even after my short time in Ghana I felt such a strong connection with the children, community and with the country. It was very difficult for me to leave.
7Mariah, educational volunteer from USA
I have been volunteering with this host in Ghana for five weeks now and I cannot praise this organization enough! I've been teaching at the local school and helping begin a fundraising project so more children can be sponsored to attend school. Pastor Laud is passionate about helping children escape the cycle of poverty and his enthusiasm is contagious! I've been staying with a gracious host family who is very accommodating and lovely. I've been well supported throughout my entire stay and have had the chance to attend a wedding as well as a funeral to view the more cultural aspect of Ghana. I have quickly fallen in love with this community and I hope to prolong my stay as a volunteer!
8Jossie Gallop,Education and healthcare volunteer from UK
I stayed in Ghana working for 5 weeks and had the busiest and most incredible time. Everyday opened a new challenge and a new venture, whether with the children at the school I was teaching, or travelling to the beautiful parts of the country. It was so difficult saying goodbye to everyone due to the warm and kind hearted people I met. I felt a true member of a Ghanaian family during my stay and have come away with some fantastic memories. I want to thank all of the teachers at the academy, Pastor Joe for being so gentle and calming, all my students in Class 2 and 3 who I think of every day, the nurses I worked with at the mother and baby clinics and last but not least Rev. Laud who became a brother to me. You are all incredible and I look forward to returning next year. Medasi :)
9Jana Freund, Education and health care volunteer from Germany
I enjoyed the three month when volunteering in Ghana a lot! I lived with the loveliest host family and felt really at home! Furthermore everybody i met made my stay in Ghana an unforgettable experience! I never felt alone because they where all so friendly and helpful. Moreover i had the feeling that i could really help in the project. I felt i was really able to make a contribution to the project and It was really interesting because i could help in many different workplaces! Mainly i was teaching in the school but also helping in the health centre. In addition i visited the wonderful country Ghana and met so many amazing people They all surprised me so much with so many things and it was really hard to leave Ghana after the three months. I would recommend the project to all potential volunteers. I hope to return here to Ghana one day and work with their project again.
10Yvess Reichling, educational volunteer from Luxembourg
Volunteering with this Foundation can only be described as a gate-opener to numerous new experiences and as an effective was of getting to know unknown facets of humanity. I came to Ghana looking for a way to help teachers who struggle with their professional environment, e.g. coping with an excessive number of students (sometimes ranging up to 90 pupils) or being forced to improvise on teaching methods due to a lack of teaching material. I had the chance to do exactly that.
One other primary reason I embarked on this journey was supporting a project that aims at rescuing children from seemingly hopeless circumstances. Many children in most of Ghana’s regions don’t have the possibility to go to school or get appropriate healthcare due to a lack in budget, means or understanding of their parents. The Foundation gave me an opportunity to help out, personally. Providing these essential, yet missing aspects of a child’s life is exactly what the Foundation is all about. We try to cure some of the deficits that shouldn’t exist in the first place.
Pastor Laud Kwaku Akuffo, the head of the organization and a good friend, couldn’t have taken better care of me, a volunteer. Thanks to him I was able to see Ghana in a more intimate, detailed way. When I had a question, an answer was always at hand. When I encountered any problems, help was immediately granted. Laud looks after his volunteers and does his possible best to make them feel at ease.
It is also thanks to Pastor Laud that I had the possibility to live within a Ghanaian host family. Through this, my wish to learn from and see the Ghanaian way of life first hand did render my trip to Ghana most fulfilling.
My job as an assistant teacher couldn’t have been more enjoyable. I learnt terribly much during my two-month-stay. The warmth and enthusiasm of the school-kids is something that leaves a permanent mark on oneself. I miss them so much and I wish I could have spent more time with them. The teachers in the schools I taught in welcomed me most generously and made me feel at home and comfortable.
Working with this foundation most certainly fulfilled all my criteria for a worthwhile volunteering experience: competent and all-time-ready support both in administrational and personal matters, flexibility and individual freedom in terms of working hours and traveling wishes as well as an extremely enjoyable social environment. I never felt alone or abandoned.
Therefore I can only wholeheartedly recommend this Foundation as a way of making a difference and getting to know Ghana and its peoples. I had a lovely time and I am grateful for everything the foundation has enabled me to do. Medassi pa!
11Lena Palarsca, educational volunteer from Germany
I very much enjoyed working here and staying at the volunteer house in Ghana. The project is well organized, Pastor Laud very dedicated. Like everyone I met in the project, he his kind and welcoming. I loved being integrated in the work at school so much, the cooperation with my school and its teachers worked out very well. I can highly recommend the project to any interested volunteer as I myself -thanks to Pastor Laud, the teachers, and my volunteer colleagues (my brothers and sisters!) had such a great time and enjoyed experiences I will always remember and treasure in my heart! Thank you.
12Emillote Person, educational volunteer from Sweden
service of Tanf Volunteers
Excellent, nothing but excellent. I have nothing bad to say about this place, I really enjoyed my stay in Ghana volunteering here. Rev. Laud is one outstanding man who will do anything for the kids and I really do admire all his work. I worked mainly in assisting kindergarten in the class with all the wonderful kids and during the weekends we had time to go and explore Ghana. Laud is absolutely the best host you can ever imagine, and I just can't wait to go back very soon! Thank you for making my stay in Ghana a memory for a lifetime.
13Jennifer Adai, Educational volunteer from Belgium
I intended to stay for 2 months but I ended up spending 4 months with Rev.Laud and the other volunteers. It was a wonderful experience, but remember that you get what you make out of an situation.
Ghana is different in many ways from your own country. And the best way to deal with these differences is to approach all things with an open mind set and to dive into the Ghanaian culture.
You will be rewarded by Ghanaians for it and will have a most wonderful time: Travelling in trotro's, playing with the school kids, gospel music from the surrounding churches on Sundays, dancing nights, preparing your classes, learning some Twi words, etc. Enjoy your time.
14Mathias, Teaching $ health assistance from Germany
I stayed with TANF three years ago, for only six weeks. While I stayed with TANF in the volunteer-flat, I worked as a teacher in a nearby school, teaching math and ICT, and I really loved it! Everyone was really welcoming, I was shown around, not just in class, but in Ghana as a whole. We did trips traveling around Ghana, I was shown how to cook plantains and taught how to speak Twi (a little. What I mostly forgot… ☹). But what I definitely liked the most was the contact to all the other volunteers, as well as to P-Laud, the sympathetic, workaholic, one-man-leader of TANF. Often we sat together until late in the evening, planning, how we could improve TANFs work and the communities lives. I think that might be the biggest difference compared to other organizations to volunteer with: with TANF you really know, that everything is set up by people (or mostly one guy) who lives everything he preaches, who really care about this organization and all the people around him. And that you can have an actual impact on the work of this small organization. That if you have an idea or a plan, to improve the situation, they will help you to set it up. So I didn’t ever regret this trip, but instead came back last year, to visit everyone again. It was wonderful and I can highly recommend it!
15Louisa & Lena, Healthcare Volunteers from Denmark
It was a blessed experience to live and volunteer in Senya Beraku, Ghana. We worked in the little local clinic, did some medical malaria outreaches in the communities and spent time with the children of Becky's Home, an orphanage led by Seth Asiedu. The Village is an absolutely safe and lovely place to live. We really enjoyed our stay.
16Mathilde, Second time Teaching assistance from France
I had a great time in Ghana and made such good friends that I decided to come back there again ! The accomodation provided is really fine, there is everything you need and Laud is always here if you need help. The kids are just lovely and kind, I spent the best moments of my trip with them, and teaching in the school next to Laud's place was a challenging and interesting experience. Also, I really liked the fact that I could do whatever I wanted, with a lot of free time to discover the country and its inhabitants. Volunteering with TANF was a real pleasure :) I miss Ghana so mucj right now !
17Emilotte Person, Childcare and teaching assistance volunteer from Sweden
Mr. Rev. Laud and his team in Teiman, Accra, Ghana are doing a spectacular job helping the children and the community. I have been there two times, both in 2014 and 2015 for two months each, helping out in different ways. I was mainly helping a teacher in a Kindergarten class and did help Laud on some other projects on the side. I learnt so much during my time in Ghana and will always concider it my home. Thank you for the greatest experience of my life. Love and miss you all!
18Victoria, Administration worker from United Kingdom
I have volunteers with TANF on and off for many years now. I like that it is a community based projects that understand the communities needs and how best to solve them. As a volunteer you become immersed in the culture and the Ghanaian way of life. You will enjoy Banku and Fufu with your local host family. You will get to experience first hand how TANF is run and where all the donations go. You will also see how so little can be turned into a BIG impact by the local team. There are many ways to get involved. Although the main placements positions are in teaching and health care, the TANF team try their possible best to accommodate for everyone's skills and passions and make the most out of them. I have been helping on the Admin side and with social media. It has been an incredible journey to tell the stories of those TANF is supporting and to hear how TANF has impacted their lives in a positive way. There are endless opportunities and it is up to you to get stuck in and get going. Of course, it is not all only work and no fun. You can explore Ghana from the TANF base and the team will support you in organising your trip. You can also just spend a few relaxing weekends playing football or catch with all children living in the same compound as you. If you are up to make a big difference, hit the ground running and like a bit of adventures, volunteering with TANF is the best thing you can do :) Enjoy your trip.